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tyson brown

I’ve been working as a nutritionist and personal trainer for 10 years.

My goal is to show you how you can kill it in all areas of life through eating well and exercise.

I’ll teach you how to get results, make health and fitness fit into your lifestyle easily and mot importantly show you how much better the rest of your life gets when you’re in shape.

Let me show you how you can get in the best shape of your life without living in the gym and eating boring meals.

I’ll show you how to perform at your best.

Tyson Brown – Tyson the Trainer




Have you ever wondered where or how to get started in bettering your nutrition habits? Access my education hub to have your nutrition-related questions answered.


Have you ever wondered where or how to get started in bettering your nutrition habits? Access my education hub to have your nutrition-related questions answered.


Have you ever wondered where or how to get started in bettering your nutrition habits? Access my education hub to have your nutrition-related questions answered.


Have you ever wondered where or how to get started in bettering your nutrition habits? Access my education hub to have your nutrition-related questions answered. Understanding nutrition foundations is central to the success of your relationship with food and the longevity of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.



I originally came across Tyson via his podcast, I literally binged all his episode's and felt like I could relate to him and his approach to health and fitness as well as actually gain useful information and tips. Soon after listening to all his podcast episodes, I enrolled in his coaching program. I was drawn to Tyson's overall approach to health and fitness and how he advocates the importance of not letting training and nutrition consume your lifestyle as it is only one area, he more focuses on the importance of mental, physical and social health. Since starting with Tyson I have achieved so much, before starting with Tyson I was so consumed by my training and nutrition especially nutrition to the point it was impacting my mental and social well being. I was definitely undereating and relying on unhealthy eating habits to achieve weight loss. I have achieved so much with him both big and small from eating 1200 calories to now eating 2150 calories, anxiety and stress around social situations is now non-existent and I am no longer fearing foods such as avocado, salmon or even fruit. I enjoy that Tyson understands that I am a human and humans don't need to strive for perfection, I also think as a young girl in her early 20's Tyson has helped me realise there is more to life than what my body looks like. As a coach he makes females feel really comfortable and almost questions the reason behind why you're wanting to achieve certain goals before making an uninformed decision. He always puts your health first. On social media there are a lot of coaches out there who aren't considering people's overall well being and negaleting over areas of health whereas Tyson focuses on all areas. He also is very knowledgeable and there is always a theory and reason behind each decision. At the start I was actually hesitant to join his coaching as I have had bad experiences with coaches in the past online and I actually thought about canceling before I had even begun. Joining coaching with Tyson has been a blessing. I would hate to think where I'd be physically and mentally if I had continued down the road of obsessing over calories and macros and a diet fueled from jelly lite and sugar free maple syrup.

Shelby Doherty

I started coaching with Tyson because I wanted to lose a bit of weight and improve my relationship with food. I had had some interaction with him before this and I appreciated how much he helped me before I was his client. Since starting with Tyson, my relationship with food has improved dramatically! I don't punish myself if I go out with friends or snack a bit too much in the afternoon, I am able to pick myself up and hit my goals the next day. My body image has also improved, as I'm seeing results from following his advice. I've been able to separate my self worth from the scales, and focus on the measurements instead. Tyson goes above and beyond for his clients. He does 2 check ins a week, and will give advice beyond just exercise and nutrition. He knows that lots of things can affect your fitness and can be effected by fitness and will check on those things weekly. He looks out for you as a person and will do what's best for you, rather than give generic advice and take your money. He will listen to your goals, and help you achieve them. There is a sense of accountability with Tyson because he is in contact so often. Even if you feel like you've had a bad week, Tyson somehow makes you feel that you are one step closer to your goal that week. Tyson is very open and honest on his social media. He will happily show himself eating what could be considered "unhealthy" foods while showing how it fits in with his calories. I find this so reassuring because it shows that trainers are human, and don't just eat meat and 3 veg every day. He gives out so much free and useful information which is delivered in a straight forward way and very down to earth. If you’re thinking of joining up, do it!! The free information is fantastic, but coaching from Tyson is next level. What you see is exactly what you get. He puts your mental health first and cares about you as a person. He remembers things you might have on or stuff you've been planning to do. I honestly cannot believe how different my relationship with food and my self image is since coaching with Tyson.Tyson is a legend, you will have absolutely no regrets coaching with him.

Courtney Mattick

I met Tyson at Fitness First Newtown when he was doing face to face training. Tyson was so nice and would always take the time to chat and have a laugh with everyone in the gym. It was obvious he was a friendly person who was genuinely passionate about his job and actually cared about his clients success and well-being because he sees his clients as his friends. As well as Tyson’s friendly personality, he is incredibly knowledgeable. Before I was even his client, Tyson would always spend time answering heaps of my questions on nutrition. He would always take the time to provide in-depth answers based on scientific facts but also simplified enough for me to understand. It was clear this guy knew what he was talking about so I decided to sign up! Before I started working with Tyson I had an obsessive addiction to tracking calories, I regularly skipped social occasions and had spent most of my late teens / early 20s obsessing over my body and terrified of going out. I also had HA and a crippling binge eating disorder which wasn’t getting any better despite a lot of expensive therapy. Whilst continuing to keep me accountable and teach me about health and nutrition, Tyson has also shown me that there is so much more to life then obsessing over calories and helped me build a sustainable lifestyle. I have been able to go for months where I don’t even track calories, I went from bingeing 3+ times a week to not at all, I socialise without guilt and I have also disconnected my self worth from my physique while still making progress in the gym! I can’t thank Tyson enough for how he has improved my relationship with food and my approach to exercise!I love working with Tyson because it’s genuinely like working with a friend! Tysons is always there when you need a laugh but he also pulls you into line when you need some more accountability - it is the perfect balance! Tyson is always willing to help you out, answer questions and amend your program as necessary. You don’t feel like your being annoying if you ask him questions outside of your formal check in because he actually enjoys helping and teaching his clients. He is committed to actually teaching his clients the science and reasoning behind his technique. This means that working with Tyson actually teaches you the skills you need to turn health and fitness into a sustainable lifestyle instead of working with a coach that puts you on an unsustainable plan for the sake of a before and after picture for their Instagram marketing. As a result, you won’t fall off the bandwagon with Tyson because he shows you how to diet for life, not just for 6 weeks where you then go straight back to bad habits and pile the weight back on!Deciding to work with Tyson has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I’ve made a sustainable change to my life and it’s so refreshing to know that because of Tyson I’ll be able to actually enjoy the rest of my life in a healthy way instead of being scared of weight gain and living my life in fear of my disordered eating and exercise patterns. You can’t put a price on that

Tilly Thompson

I have always wanted to better myself, ever since I left high school… wanting to be slim, not have rolls, not have cellulite, be a size 8. I always thought I had to do this by eating less or skipping meals. I got into the gym but had no idea what I was doing. After a while I bit the bullet and hired a coach and they put me straight into a deficit. Always hungry, moody, losing weight but still not feeling good. And I bit the bullet again to find a new coach. I followed Tyson for a while on Instagram and I was amazed at the information he would pump out to his following FOR FREE! I was thinking this guy is going to lose money, people are going to take his info and better themselves without paying a cent. That is how I knew I wanted to sign with him and ask him to coach me. He could give all that without anything in return, imagine what he gives when he “works for you”. Was the best decision I’ve made! I eat, I love my training programs. I’m falling In love with myself For the first time EVER and I’m living a life of not stressing about the scale, enjoying all the foods! I feel healthy and I’m still making progress THE RIGHT way, the EDUCATED way!

Aleesha English

I made a promise to myself that 2021 would be the year I learned how to fuel my body properly, and finally get some education around nutrition, so I could pass it on to future children. A friend recommended I train with Tyson, and the rest is history. My relationship with food is better, my energy is better, I'm sleeping better. Can't wait to get back into the gym properly and see what all this fuel does! He's honestly been a pivotal part of my life-changes this year. Tyson and I get on well, which is a big plus, and I feel like he's a regular dude; the kind of guy who'd have a beer with you. That's a massive strength, being such a people person, especially when he's working with people, mostly online.He's super supportive, and he is confident in his ability to help you, as long as you put in the work. And he also spits straight facts in a way the average Joe can understand them. Tyson doesn’t promise of a fast fix. You have to help yourself so that he can help you, and he makes no bones about that. He's honest, there's no swipe up codes, and no giant salad bowls! One thing I’d say to people who’re hesitant is to just go for it. The worst outcome is you'll gain some knowledge, and have a laugh. The best outcome is education, but also a change in your mindset, confidence, and body. It could change your life. I couldn't be more grateful.He's a top bloke, real as they come, and I have the utmost respect for him.

Jess Harwood

I had been following Tyson for a while on Instagram & loved his attitude and personality. He is straight up, and has so much knowledge to put out. He has assisted me in all aspects of health. Especially my relationship with and towards food. He is a great educator. I love how our check-ins are done via voice memo/video. Makes it more personal. Tyson genuinely cares. Tyson is different compared to other coaches because of his knowledge and he is upfront, honest and tells you how it is. If you are scared to jump on board JUST DO IT. reach out to tyson, have a chat, see if you gel. Go from there. You won’t regret it. I am extremely thankful for the past few months with tyson. Can honestly say he has changed my view and relationship with myself & food beyond belief.

Emma Reynolds

I found Tyson on Instagram, I knew that I needed to build a better relationship with food and was really drawn to the way he spoke about things so openly and honestly, it was definitely his humour and “straight to the point” attitude that made me think I’d really get along with him, I also wanted to improve myself in the gym so the nutrition + training package was for me! I have not only built a better relationship with my food but I have been fuelling it with all the RIGHT foods that play a huge role in my self confidence, energy levels, and just wholesome foods that make me feel god about myself without that sluggish full feeling! I came back from holidays and was 62kgs and since being with Tyson I have gotten down to 54kgs and still losing weight as well as the changes in my body shape! I have a lot more confidence in myself not only in my everyday life but in the gym too! I’m the happiest I’ve been mentally and physically! I LOVE EVERYTHING about working with Tyson! He is absolutely hilarious and just my kind of person which makes working with him so much easier, i feel having a strong relationship with your coach is essential, we can joke about things and take the Mickey out of eachother but if push come to shove I know I’d be able to talk to him about anything, even if it wasn’t fitness related, I think the key thing to making working with Tyson so enjoyable is he feels more like a motivating friend rather than a “coach” His honesty and understanding nature is his best attributes! Tyson is as funny as they come, I found him through Instagram ads he kept popping up when I didn’t even follow him and his Instagram stories were so entertaining and educational, better than any other fitness influencer/coach I’ve been before, and he spits straight facts with no tip toeing around sugar coating things, he tells it how it is which is rare these days! If you want to sign up, DO IT! You won’t regret it. To me partnering with him has been the best investment I’ve ever made. Not only do I have so much support with my health and fitness, but I feel like I gained a mate in the process! He is always ALL ears and will call you out for being too hard on yourself when he thinks you are, just an unreal person and I have learnt so so much from him.

Jaylah Kennedy


Tyson discusses everything related to nutrition in the fitness industry and shares his advice, opinion and research to help simplify nutrition in easy to understand terms.



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