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Let me take you back to 2019 
I was 67kg, was struggling with my eating disorder and was not in a good place mentally.

I knew I had to change something because I had been struggling with my relationship with food for about three years at this point.

When I weighed this much I used to think I was overweight and chubby. It’s interesting to look back at what your mindset was back then.

I knew that I wouldn’t fix it in a few weeks and I decided to make 2019 the year that I healed my relationship with food.

A whole year dedicated to fixing my issue and accepting that I needed to gain weight.

That year was the catalyst for the growth I’ve had over the last three years.

A lot of people want to lose weight, get fit, have a better relationship with food and basically be an adonis after 12 weeks.

You’ve been conditioned to think that it’s going to take you 12 weeks to get to your desired body and that couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

Progress takes time, a lot of work and a lot of dedication and consistency.

You can’t walk into a new job and demand to be the CEO in 12 weeks.

You can’t start a business and expect to be at the top of your field in in 12 weeks.

You need to start thinking about the long term game and accept that it’s going to take time.

Some weeks are going to be shit and other weeks are going to be great.

Some weeks you’re going to want to throw in the towel because your progress isn’t as fast.

As fast as what is the question?

You have this delusion in your head that you should be going at a speed that isn’t sustainable for most of you and you need to take a step back.

Start thinking long term because fitness is for life and lets say it takes you one year to lose the weight you want to lose.

The average person lives 80 years old, that’s 1/80th of your life if you focused on losing weight for a year.

I spent Three years of focus to get to where I am now (that’s only 4% of my life) and for the rest of my life I can keep the good habits I built.

Think about the long term game.

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