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Building good habits is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success with your fitness goals.

When you start something new, like building good habits, you’re always excited.

You have that fire in your belly and you’re ready to commit to whatever you’ve chosen to do.

But that motivation NEVER lasts and nor should it.

Motivation only gets you started.

Here’s a hard truth in life, motivation means sweet FA for what you want to achieve.

You’re not motivated to go into work every day but you show up because you have to.

You have to apply that same mentality to nutrition and training.

Show up because you have to.

You can’t rely on motivation because it’s not something that’s going to always be there.

This is where building good habits comes in handy the most.

’m not always motivated to go to the gym or boxing but I show up 7 days a week regardless.

you don’t have to go the gym 7 days a week by the way.

Even on days I’m hungover, like the other week in Brisbane where I trained 3/5 days hungover.

Or days I haven’t had enough sleep or days where I’m flat out.

I built that habit over weeks, months and years so now it’s just something I do.

The same goes for my nutrition, just because I’m not “motivated” to eat the food I meal prepped.

 I do it because I’m committed, I’m embodying the person I want to be whether I feel like it or not.

This is me practicing my boxing skills because I don’t have access to a bag, this is building good habits.

Ask yourself, how committed are you to changing who you are?

Because if you’re serious you’ll do it without motivation. 

You’ll do it on the days you don’t feel like it and you’ll start to embody the person you want to become.

And the more you start to show up, you will start building good habits.

The more you repeat those good habits the more you’re going to ingrain them into your brain and they become second nature.

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