Expensive Groceries

Look I get it, grocery shopping is not cheap.


Especially if you’re a health seeking individual or family, it is going to cost you more than buying junk food.


BUT you are probably making it more expensive than it needs to be by buying fancy foods that you don’t need to eat!


Gluten free, coconut yoghurt, fancy breads, sugar free cookies, $12 ice protein ice creams, expensive sugar free syrups, the list goes on.


If you’re someone who doesn’t have a gluten intolerance or dairy intolerance then you don’t need to buy dairy free or gluten free.


Stop complaining about the cost of groceries if you are buying dumb things.


Fruit, veggies, meat, dairy, whole grains, and some fun foods isn’t going to cost a stupid amount of money.


It’s the trendy unnecessary things you’re buying that are breaking the bank.


Complaining gets you nowhere, make a change if you’re constantly whining about the cost of food.


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