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You’ve just started your fitness journey. Now you’re wondering how long will it take to see results?

When I used to do in person training peolpe would ask me how long will it take to see results?

To me this is an immediate red flag when someone asks this question.

In a world of instant gratification you want results to happen fast and you think you will only be happy when we get the body you want.

Something you need to remember is that it’s not always about the destination.

We can get so caught up in wanting to get to a certain place that we forget where we are in the present right now.

Take dieting, for example, you want to be lighter than you are now, and probably a certain weight.

You’re fixated on this number and every day you think “when I get there I’ll be happy” or whatever you tell yourself.

But here’s the thing, you can’t always be fixated on the end goal.

If you always focus on the end you’ll miss out on where you are right now and what you’re doing.

Becoming Is always better than being

Tip #1 Don’t Ask How long will it take to get results, ask what habit you need to work on…

Every day is going to be a process that you will have to go through.

It will be a grind but this is also how you change as a person.

Every day you learn a little more about yourself.

You learn about yourself and what your habits are and you are also becoming a better person.

So learn to start enjoying the grind and who you’re becoming.

You have to ask yourself what do you have to do on a daily basis to get the results you want.

If your goal is to get leaner it comes to focus on food daily and eating less than you burn.

This means that you have to focus on every day ticking off that daily calorie deficit and eating fewer calories than you burn.

Every day you celebrate that success at the end of the day by ticking a box or putting an X on your calendar to see you’re moving toward the person you want to be.


On the days you’re hungry and you overcome it by distracting yourself or eating higher fibre food.

That means you’ve just learned a behaviour you need to repeat next time you’re hungry.

The days where you can’t be arsed to do anything but you decide to do what you need to do anyway.

 That makes you grow as a person and ingrain those habits.

When you say not to your friends who want to out for some drinks.

All these little things you’re doing are making you better and you need to remember.

Focus and savour these moments.

You’re going to get to a point where you wanted to be a while ago and totally forget where you’ve come from.

You’ll be 2kg away from your goal and that scale will stop moving and you’ll be frustrated that nothing is working. Yet you forget about the 10kg you’ve already lost on your journey.

Get excited about your journey because you are going to learn about yourself and you will learn to enjoy the process of becoming who you want to be.

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