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One of the most common questions asked is how much should you eat?

Everyone is stuck on the low calorie, low dieting phase at the moment and I hate it.

I want to break the stigma and show people that you can diet while eating plenty of food and be more adherent.

Most people fail when it comes to dieting because they think they have to starve themselves to get results but that’s just because “everyone else” has been doing the same thing.

But just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean that it’s correct.

When you actually eat enough food to fuel yourself you’re going to have so many more benefits that you probably don’t even realise.

Eating more food is actually one way you can improve your overall results.

Your adherence will go up, your energy will increase you’ll be less hangry.

Basically, everything you do will benefit you if you eat enough.

I’ve had more clients achieve better results because I’ve started them on higher calories than they thought they would be on.

Being on higher calories to start has also helped them stick to their diet because they get to eat more and still lose weight.

In the podcast I go into today I explain why people need to eat more food and as noted above just how much of a difference it can make.

This is the cool thing about nutrition, is that when you learn about it, it makes it easier for you to apply these things and when you apply this you get results.

In this case, applying the information you learn means eating more than you thought you could because now you’re educated.

If you just take one thing away from today’s topic and you begin to eat more you’re going to notice how much better your progress is.

So dive into today’s podcast and find out what you need to know.

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