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Have you ever wondered how much water you should drink?

There is a lot of different information about hydration and  most of the information that is put out is  WRONG.

When you want to know how much water you should drink the answer is usually a blanket statement of 3 – 4L a day.

“Dave”, who’s 90kg, exercises five days a week, is a heavy sweater is told to drink 3 – 4 L a day.

“Milly”, a 50kg female who trains three times a week and works in an air conditioning all day.  Do you really think she’s going to need the same amount of liquid?

We can’t make that broad statement telling everyone to drink the same amount.

Everyone is different and requires different hydration needs.

Hydration is more than just drinking water.

There are beverages that will hydrate you MORE than water because of what they contain.

Any liquid that has calories, carbohydrates and electrolytes in them will hydrate you more than regular water.

So, coffee, milk, sugar free soft drinks, sports drinks and so many more beverages hydrate you MORE than water.

“more hydrating” means that you will be able to hold water in your body longer and not have to urinate as much.

The food you also eat on a daily basis contributes toward your overall hydration status.

Making oats in the morning, eating some fruit or having home made mash potato all contribute to hydration status. 

Give this video a watch to get a full understanding of hydration and knowing how much you need to have everyday. 

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