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So you’ve come onto this page wondering how to make dieting easier…

I’ve recently had to start a diet because I need to be a certain weight class for boxing.

I’ve had to cut down from 92.5kg down to 88kg which is a bit of a drop for me.

So far it’s been going pretty well and the reason it has is because of a few things I do that I have encouraged you guys to do.

1. Meal prep

I know you might hate meal prep and while I never make it essential for you guys to do, I highly recommend that you do it.

The reason meal prepping is so important is because you’re setting yourself up for the week when you’re in a good state of mind.

You have those dinners prepped every night because when you come home on a Wednesday night and you’re exhausted and CBF cooking.

Instead of ordering Uber eats, you reach in for a meal that you’ve already created.

Instead of being surprised by a work lunch on Tuesday, you already have your meal there to eat.

The prepared meals take away the opportunity for you to make a bad choice (for the most part).

I work from home and I don’t need to meal prep since I have time to cook.

But I don’t trust my diet mind, so I prepare ahead of time to avoid the choices the diet brain might make.

I meal prep on a Sunday and Wednesday.

Sunday is where I do all the food shopping and cooking.

Wednesday is where I just do a “top-up” and make it a quick grocery run and meal prep for Thursday and Friday which is easy.

So I highly recommend you meal prep.

2. Routine on the weekends

This is where I see most people fail, they mess up on the weekends.

This is because they have no routine as they do during the week.

It’s easy to stay up late, eat at random times and just veg out on the weekend because you’re tired from work.

This is what can hinder you from staying on track.

I recommend you try and keep some type of routine on the weekend to keep your body and your brain busy so you aren’t thinking of food because you’re bored.

I recommend still trying to eat at roughly the same times you do during the week.

If you skip meals or eat at different times I can almost guarantee you that you’re more likely to overeat in the evening.

You’ll overeat or make bad choices because your dieting brain had made a choice you shouldn’t have.

This doesn’t mean you have to be boring and can’t go out for food (although you need to be smart about food choices).

It just means you should try to create some more structure during the weekend to keep your good habits going.

3. Keeping busy

An idle mind is the devil’s playground.

When you’re bored your mind starts to wonder, when you’re bored and hungry your mind starts to think about food.

You might start looking at different recipes or thinking about your next meal or thinking about those chips that are in the pantry and if you keep thinking about food, there’s a high chance you’re going to eat.

So keep busy.

Do things that keep you distracted from food and things that engage you more.

I like to read or go for walk with friends or research things that interest me so that I’m getting sucked into something that takes me away from food.

The busier you can keep your mind, the less you’ll think about food.

If you aren’t using these three tips, I highly recommend them

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