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Something that I’ve had a few people ask me lately is ” is fruit bad for you “?

We have experts in health in every country recommending what humans should be eating on a daily basis.

All around the world the guidelines look roughly the same.

This is because hands down evidence show what we need to be healthy.

To avoid weight gain, get our vitamins and minerals and avoid deficiencies for the most part.

One food group that is recommended is fruit.

Fruit is AMAZING

There is increasing evidence that whole foods such as fruit are more effective in reducing the risk of cancer.

It reduces the risk of cancer more than vitamin and mineral supplements.

There is also building evidence that some risk factors for cancer can be avoided by eating fruit. 

Fruit is abundant in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Vitamins such as vitamin C and E and different phytochemicals may reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

Potassium and magnesium found in fruit have also been linked to lower blood pressure.

Yet it’s fallen into the firing line from fools who have no idea what they’re talking about.

If you’re really scared about fruit making you fat or the sugar in fruit then you need to stop.

Do you really think that if we look at someones diet, a health professional is going to say it’s all that fruit you’re eating.

That’s why you can’t lose weight…

Not a chance.

Be smart out there, watch out for the people who can pull the wool over your eyes and eat the fruit.

And when I say eat fruit, I mean you can eat any type of fruit you want.

The only thing I’d tell you to avoid is dried fruit or fruit juices that they can be quite high in calories.

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