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I had someone say to me once, 80% of success is just showing up.

I thought that it was a pretty silly thing to say because just assumed that had to be wrong.

So what? You just show up and put in the work and you’ll be 80% there? Not a chance.

Yet the more life goes on, the more she proves to be right.

The reason I’ve become quite successful as a PT is because I show up every day for my clients.

From 5am – 7pm I just show up.

When I lost 7kg last year it’s because I just did the diet day after day.

I had a few slip ups but I didn’t stop, I just kept showing up.

The way to succeed with your diet is to keep showing up day after day for weeks and months.

It’s boring, it sucks sometimes but that’s where the pay off will come.

It’s about the consistency of doing it daily! You might fall off for a day or two at a time but if you catch yourself and you get back on track you’re going to get there.

You have to practice consistency and you’re 80% there.

It doesn’t mean going balls to the wall and doing things to the extreme, it’s just about ticking the boxes you need to tick day after day.

Think about the are you practicing consistency or are you motivated for a day or a week and then you stop?

Your answer will determine whether you’re getting results or not.

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