Setting 2022 Goals



In today’s podcast, I am going to be talking about goal setting, because I think it’s a very important thing, just having ambitions, I guess in life is quite an important thing at the end of the day, because you want to make sure you are not wasting your life for the most part and that’s not to be like, “Oh, you should be hustling all the time.” Or you should be working your ass off, or any of those things. 


No, it’s just things that you want to kind of focus on to make your life better and overall worthwhile.

In the podcast, I touch on   things you’re going to want to accomplish in life. Career goals, fitness goals, health goal, all these things. I want to help you learn how to put these things into play so you can move towards the person you want to be.


Because this is all it is at the end of day. It’s like moving towards the person you want to be and having an overall better life for yourself, I think it’s a bit hard because some people don’t know how to set goals.


We can always play that victim mentality, and be like, “Oh, nothing ever works out for me.” “What’s the point of me doing this I’ll never achieve anything?” And if you want to do that and you want to be that type of person, then it’s fine. But I think that you, in a way, have the potential not to do anything you want, but basically, it’s a realistic thing.

So in today’s episode we are going to dive deep into all of these things.

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