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Have you ever heard of goji berries?

When I was growing up my mum used to keep all these special foods in her pantry that were superfoods.

I remember mum not being able to tell me exactly what was in them but apparently they would help with fat loss and being healthier.

Goji berries were blood expensive and I used to go through packs of them at a time.

Then I stumbled on cocoa nibs and I got hooked into them for ages.

The funny thing about cacao nibs is that they were so delicious I started eating about 300 calories worth a day.

If you’ve ever seen Brooklyn 99 there’s an episode where Terry goes nuts on cacao nibs (thankfully I wasn’t that bad)

At some point, I forgot about these superfoods.

But upon living on Instagram, it looks like people are harping on about these foods. 

There’s no such thing as superfoods.

There is no special fruit or veggie that contains something special that the rest don’t have.

All vegetables play a part in your diet, as well as all different types of fruits.

Based on the colour of fruits and veggies are actually indications that they contain certain nutrients.

That’s why we encourage you to eat the rainbow, to get a VARIETY of different fruit and veggies in your diet to cover all of your bases.

All veggies are high in nutrients, and despite not lumping potatoes in as a veggie even the white potato is actually quite high in nutrients despite people thinking that “white” potato is bad.

So next time someone tries to sell you a superfood, goji berries or some detox juice with special fruits, just remember, IT’S BS.

Don’t fall for the trap like I did.

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