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So a lot of people have asked me about what they should expect when they are looking for a coach.   The hard thing is that there are so many different things that coaches offer at different price ranges that it’s hard to say exactly what you should look for, but here are my thoughts on this topic… A lot of coaches follow kind of the same type of regime.   So the first thing you’re always going get from a coach is a check-in. They’re probably gonna check in with you on a form that you’re going to fill out and that will most likely happen once a week.   Then the coach will read your check in and reply to your check in. The way they reply to the check in is going to be different for each coach.   The way I respond to check in’s is via voice message but other coaches will email their clients back.   Usually it will be a check-in form, asking how the week went.   Some people like myself, I like to go a little bit more in depth. I cover sleep stress, lifestyle factors, what went well, what went bad.   What can we focus on this week?   What upcoming things are gonna be like, I like to go a little more in depth than people. Now, the interesting thing is that when you’re doing check-ins with a coach, is that there should be clear communication with what they expect from you and what you should expect from them.   So if you fill out my check in, all my clients fill out a check in, they have from Sunday morning until Monday morning, 9:00 AM.   That’s their time allocated to check in. S   They have 5:00 AM Sunday morning when I send it out until 9:00 AM. They have 28 hours to fill it in. Then on Monday, the expectation from me is to get back to every single one of my clients on Monday.   That’s my whole Monday done.   I don’t train anything like that.   Other coaches may have you on a check in day on Tuesday, and then they’re going to tell you when you’re going to get back to you.   But whatever the communication is between you and the coach.   If they miss it once here and there, life comes up, whatever it is, you know what it’s what it is   . But if you are not getting feedback from a coach, especially when you are paying for weekly check-ins or whatever it is, then that is poor coaching on them. When it comes to this side of coaching is had they laid out and told you exactly what’s going to be happening.   They told you what the expectations are in regards to check ins and stuff like that.   So you need to make sure you understand what their expectations are for themselves and for you.   Find out more by listening to today’s podcast. 

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